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Civil Litigation

Suing a person Bankrupt

Defending a person from being sued Bankrupt

Apply for discharge as Bankrupt

Obtaining Winding-Up Order

Execution of monetary judgement

Advice on employer-employee relationship, employment contracts, bargaining agreements, protection from discrimination, wages and hours, health and safety.

Dealing with legal matters relating to building construction, engineering and breach of contract.

Give advice when a binding agreement or bargained-for exchange is not honoured

Suing or defending non-performance or interference with the oher party’s performance

Assist in obtaining equitable remedy as a court order that compels a party to do or refrain from specific acts.

Assist in recovering a debt from a loan, credit line or accounts receivable either in whole or in part.

Assist in seizing personal property for the satisfaction of a demand.

Assist in informing the tenant that the tenant must leave the rental unit by a certain time period.

Commercial crimes, offences under the Penal Code, bailable and non-bailable offences

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