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Corporate Advisory

Limited Liability Partnership Agreement (LLP)

An agreement between the partners beyond the LLP Act. 

An agreement between the shareholders defining their rights and obligations. 

Draft the agreement which states the nature of the business, capital contributed by each partner, and their rights and liabilities. (min. 2 partners max. 20 partners)

Granting of “options” as a right, eg: to purchase, to be exercised by the receiver within a period of time.

Stipulates the responsibilites and entitlement of the parties in a joint undertakings or business. 

Rights to use/sell the services or products for commercial purpose within the control granted by licensor/supplier.

Stipulates the obligations and rights between the principal and the contractor.

Rights and obligations between parties in a business undertakings.

Outline the various terms and conditions for the sale and purchase of business and/or assets.

Sale and purchase of shares in a company generally stipulating manner of payments, transfer of shares, rights and obligations pending and after shares transfer and the due diligence exercise.

Stipulates manner of settlement, eg: payment of cash/shares, in kinds/services, by conduct, etc.

Stipulates the terms of payment and repayment between Borrower and Lender, between closely associated parties such as friends, family or acquaintances.

Prepare a contract to attribute right and responsibilities between employer and employee.

Joint venture in undertaking property development project generally stipulating the obligations of the parties’ obligation.

Assist a corporate to review and revise their letters, meeting minutes, agreements, memorandum of understanding and policies. 

To highlight important terms and providing legal opinion/advice.

To address client’s concerns/issues in the contract in negotiation.

Legal department outsourcing by providing wide-ranging services from drafting, vetting and advisory on documents, structures, compliance with fixed monthly fees

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