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Property Law & Conveyancing

Representing the successful bidder (purchaser) to purchase the auctioned property including attending to the necessary documents in ensuring the ownership of property is transferred to the successful bidder. 

Drafting the required rules and regulations (including home rule) which shall be complied by the Owners and Developers in relation to the administration and usage of common properties/facilities in order to ensure the harmonious occupation and the effectiveness of management for strata development.

Ensuring financial institutions’ interests as lenders are protected while facilitating the disbursement of financing funds to borrowers including preparing the necessary security documents and advising if necessary from time to time for conventional as well as Islamic financing.

Facilitating the borrowers to discharge their liabilities owed to financial institutions upon settlement of debt including ensuring the financial institution release/discharge all the collateral securities.

Transfer of property with the consideration in non-monetary form (by love and affection).

Registering the financial institution’s interest as chargee with land office upon issuance of individual/strata title.

Registering the owner’s interest as proprietor with land office upon issuance of individual/strata title.

Facilitating the sale and purchase of immovable property including preparing the documents and ensuring the ownership of property is transferred to the purchaser and the vendor is getting his entitlement.

Advising the development of stratified property/building single or mix houses including plan and drafting the deed of mutual covenants & formation of joint management body.

Preparing a contract between tenant and landlord which allows the tenant to occupy the demised premises peacefully and the landlord to receive the rental.

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